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Why Soakless Services?

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As a low-water use salon, we are soakless, not totally soakfree. In the event your service is not identified as one of our soakless services, you will be treated to a cleansing foot soak in a jet- free, portable foot spa that is safe and sanitary with a disposable liner, vibration and heat. You can request a soakless conversion 

  • Our foot spa basins are eco-friendly. Whirlpool spas use around 15 gallons of water per pedicure and can hold water and debris in their plumbing that can end up in your water!


  • Many medical conditions caution against the soaking, or extended soaking, of feet. These​ include diabetes, autoimmune and circulatory disorders, to name a few.


  • Prolonged water exposure dehydrates the skin and swells the nail plate, leading to polish peeling and chipping. Furthermore, waterlogged skin can hide problems

  • Polish lasts longer when applied to dryer nails

  • Reduces risk of several unsanitary and foot-health related issues

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