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Meet the Callus Queen

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Photo of Valencia Burch also known as The Callus Queen

Nevada Licensed Nail Technician

California Licensed Nail technician

I am the Callus Queen at The Nail Industry. As a licensed nail technician, I have continued my education to develop skills and processes so I can provide a solution to those men and women seeking professional, safe, and customized footcare over express salon experiences. I specialize in callus reduction and removal services. I have been licensed more than 25 years and as a professional and experienced nail technician, I am trusted to provide footcare services to seniors, clients who are diabetic and those who may be experiencing footcare issues resulting from excessive callus build-up, dry, cracked and peeling skin, or in need of toenail repair or replacement.

This will not be an express salon experience.  My business model is to promote the importance of self-care, quality services and excellent customer service over the rush of "express shops". Please consider my unique service model prior to booking your appointment as our service procedures may require some additional time. On average my pedicures services take from 1-2 hours to complete depending on the condition of your feet and any issues to be addressed in service.

In my pedicure and footcare services, I do not use metal blades or "cheese graters" on my clients...ever. I do, however, incorporate on occasion, the use of an E-File with gentle, safe application techniques for which I have been trained to apply to footcare services. Service procedures, especially callus services, are customized to the unique needs of each client. 


For the comfort and discretion of my clients, I continue to serve clients by appointment only in a private area. I proudly use single-use, disposable tools, soakless pedicure techniques and disinfect and sterilize my implements and equipment for client and technician safety.

I work in a limited space and my suite can accommodate a guest, but I kindly ask that you do not bring children to the salon.

photo of training certificates
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