I do not offer color polish or color gel polish services for Manicures. 

Trim and shape nails, natural oil and collagen glove treatment, cuticle care. (Water soak available upon request) Polish or buff included.


1. Clear Polish

2.Clear Gel (+5)

3.White French Tip (polish +5) 

4.White French Tip (gel +10)

5. Nail Treatment (+5)




I do not use graters or blades during any of my pedicure services

CLASSIC                                      $45
Ideal for beauty and pampering.

This pedicure is to beautify already healthy feet and is not intended to address any specific foot issues.

Warm water soak, trim/file nails, cuticle care, slough rough spots on on rough areas of the feet. Color polish or buff included.

DIABETIC                                    $65

For diabetics and clients with sensitive skin, autoimmune or circulation issues.

Diabetics can often have a more difficult time to heal, so our Diabetic pedicure emphasizes the use of tools that are less likely to damage the skin and products that are gentle, hydrating and specific for sensitive skin and immune systems. 


Includes: Foot soak, nail trim/shape, cuticle care, foot scrub, dry skin exfoliation and hydration. Polish or nail buff are included.

GEL POLISH                                                            $15
GEL REMOVAL                                                        $5
SPA TREATMENT - Mask & Hot Towels                $10
CBD TREATMENT - Scrub & Salve                        $20

Cosmetic Toenail Reconstruction 

$75 each foot

Cosmetic Nail Restoration is painless, durable and safe nail application. BETTER THAN ACRYLIC  PRODUCTS because... It provides a flexible, attractive, clear gel finish with natural antimicrobial and effective anti-fungal agents to protect damaged and defective toenails. This process is applied and then cured under a UV lamp. For best results pair this with any of our pedicures for the best foot care experience and appearance.


$75 per foot includes moisture treatment & polish

$40 per foot -  fill-in maintenance

SPORTS PEDI                                    $75

​Ideal for Athlete's Foot and dry, peeling, cracked skin on soles or sides of the feet or between the toes and feet with itching, burning and odor issues.


Warm water with a handcrafted foot soak. Service includes nail trim and shape, reduce thick toenails, cuticle care, slough rough areas, customized skin exfoliation and hydration treatment. Buff or polish included.

Also includes a foot care home maintenance kit.

CALLUS TREATMENT PEDI              $75 
Ideal for the treatment of rough skin and the removal of formations of hard skin from the bottom of the feet.
Warm water with a handcrafted foot soak, trim and shape toenails, cuticle care, and a comprehensive, customized callus treatment to soften and safely reduce and remove heavy callus build-up followed by a skin moisturizing treatment. Polish or nail buff are included.
Also includes a foot care home maintenance kit.
IT'S THE WORKS for your feet!

Ideal pedicure to address uncomfortable or unsightly issues of the toenails and skin on the feet. It targets and addresses any combination of common foot issues such as Athlete’s foot, Corns, Dry and cracked heels, Calluses, Overgrown toenails, Nail fungus, and Nail discoloration.

It is the non-invasive, hygienic and aesthetic care of the toenails and soles of the feet, using advanced techniques, equipment and tools.

Warm water with a handcrafted foot soak, trim, reduce thickness and shape toenails, cuticle care, customized callus treatment to soften and safely reduce and remove heavy callus build-up, skin exfoliation and hydration treatment.  Polish or nail buff are included.
Also includes a foot care home maintenance kit.
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