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Health & Safety Protocols
Safe Pedicures have been our standard since we opened in 2018
  • Valencia Burch (The Callus Queen), Owner/Operator and Manager of The Nail Industry Natural Nail Lounge is a certified MediNail Advanced Nail Technologist and North American School of Podology  Certified Master Pedicurist trained in comprehensive infection control.
  • Client and Technician must wear a mask or face covering 
  • Clients must cleanse hands upon entering the salon.
  • I wash my hands before and after every client.
  • I examine client hands and feet before each service.
  • Your services are provided in a single person, private suite.
  • Guests are not allowed in the suite and the waiting area is closed at this time.
  • I use disposable pedicure basin liners, single-use tools such as nail file, buffer and pumice for every client. They are discarded after each treatment or taken home by the client. All metal and non-porous tools are sanitized, disinfected and dry heat sterilized.
  • Aseptic protocols are a part of every service to ensure the health and safety of the client and technician. These protocols include the use of 70%-91% alcohol, disposable single-use items, adhering to strict sterilization processes for all metal instruments, wearing masks and latex-free gloves..
  • We are not licensed to provide diagnosis or treatment of any medical condition. It is our policy to refer clients to a medical professional for any nail or skin observations  we deem as “not normal” for the safety of both technician and clients.​ 
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