2oz tin can of Sole Salve-ation Callus Salve with spatula and one pair of toeless pedicure socks so when your salve is applied you can experience additional comfort and warmth. The warmth activates more of the beneficial properties in the salve. Choose from various colors.

Sole Salve-ation Callus Salve and Pedicure Sock Bundle

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  • This bundle is packaged in a reusable mini PVC transparent organizer bag with a slide zip closure. 


    Sole Salve-ation Callus Salve is a 2 ounce black tin can with a screw-on top of true relief and restoration for your feet, heels, toes and soles! The ingredients are all-natural. The texture of the salve is semi-firm, but can be easily extracted from the tin can with a fingertip or fingernail, but it comes with a miniature spatula for your convenience and ease of use.


    Fancy Feet Pedicure Socks - These toeless socks add comfort and warmth. The warmth can activate and sustain the benefits of the oils and butter in the salve. These are perfect for keepng your feet warm during polishing and can be worn with your flip flops too. Made of nylon and elastic. Hand wash and air dry.