Neat Nail Cuticle Guard is an all-natural cuticle and nail oil for restoring cuticle and nails to balanced health and promoting nail growth. It hydrates, repairs and restores cuticles and nails with regular use. This is 10 ml pump spray, refillable frosted black plastic container. It comes filled with Neat Nail Cuticle Guard and a 10ml refill. That gives you an additional refill totaling 2 complete fills of cuticle oil!  The container has a solid color plastic screw on pump top, matching color plastic container top, and a ribbon drawstring black velvet carrying case.


Sole Salve-ation Callus Salve is a 2 ounce black tin can with a screw-on top of true relief and restoration for your feet, heels, toes and soles! The ingredients are all-natural. The texture of the salve is semi-firm, but can be easily extracted from the tin can with a fingertip or fingernail, but it comes with a miniature spatula for your convenience and ease of use.


10ml cuticle oil refill - 10ml refill of all-natural cuticle oil. Use it with or without pump spray containers.Oil is packed in a plastic refillable, squeezeable dropper tip vial with a white plastic screw on cap.


4pcs = Callus salve, cuticle oil container with velvet carrying case, and a cuticle oil refill 

Sole Salve-ation 2oz Tin Can and Black Frosted Cuticle Oil Container