Neat Nail Cuticle Guard is an all-natural cuticle and nail oil for restoring cuticle and nails to balanced health and promoting nail growth. It hydrates, repairs and restores cuticles and nails with regular use.


This is 10ml pump spray, refillable colored flower detailed glass container. It comes filled with Neat Nail Cuticle Guard and a 10ml refill. That gives an additional refill totaling 2 complete fills of cuticle oil!


The container has a solid color plastic screw on pump top, matching color plastic container top, and a ribbon drawstring black velvet carrying case.

All- Natural Cuticle Oil - 10ml Etched Glass Pump Sprayer and Refill

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  • Makes a great gift! Transports easily. Perfect size for on the go in the city or travelling to your favorite destinations.


    Neat Nail Cuticle Guard is formulated to hydrate, repair and restore cuticles and nails back to health and promote growth.


    Here are some benefits of our ingredients:

    Jojoba oil- restores natural balance in skin, prevents moisture loss, antibacterial

    Emu oil - softens skin, omega 3, 6 and 9 fatty acids, natural antiseptic, Vitamin A and E

    Tamanu oil - speeds up healing, promotes formation of new skin

    Vitamin E - has antioxidants, natural moisturizer

    Extra Virgin Olive oil - penetrates skin, promotes growth, boosts keratin

    Lemongrass essential oil - reduces inflammation, wards off bacteria, astringent properties for the appearance of cleaner, brighter nails. It smells great also!