10ml refill of all-natural cuticle oil. Use it with or without pump spray containers.


Oil is packed in a plastic refillable, squeezeable dropper tip vial with a white plastic screw on cap. 

All-Natural Cuticle Oil - 10ml Refill

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  • Neat Nail Cuticle Guard is formulated to hydrate, repair and restore cuticles and nails back to health and promote growth.


    Here are some benefits of our ingredients:


    Jojoba oil- restores natural balance in skin, prevents moisture loss, antibacterial

    Emu oil - softens skin, omega 3, 6 and 9 fatty acids, natural antiseptic, Vitamin A and E

    Tamanu oil - speeds up healing, promotes formation of new skinVitamin E - has antioxidants, natural moisturizer

    Extra Virgin Olive oil - penetrates skin, promotes growth, boosts keratin

    Lemongrass essential oil - reduces inflammation, wards off bacteria, astringent properties for the appearance of cleaner, brighter nails. It smells great also!