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Appointment Deposit Policy


_ A $15 per person appointment deposit must be paid within 24 hours after making an appointment. Select a payment option on the left. (Please put your name in the NOTES, for proper credit)

Your appointment deposit will be applied towards your service(s).

_ Clients with gift cards, coupon codes or vouchers for pre-paid services are not required to pay a deposit, but you must provide code, gift card or voucher number when scheduling.

_ If the appointment deposit is not paid within 24 hours of making an appointment, it will be canceled.

Your appointment deposit is due within 24 hours of making





Dear Valued Clients,

I require a $15 per person appointment deposit to reserve your FIRST appointment. This appointment reservation fee is applied to the cost of your services.

Please do not pay fee until you have reserved an appointment.

Pay Deposit - ZELLE (702-858-4398) Valencia Burch
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