We are not an express shop. We are a collective group of independently owned and operated nail businesses under one roof, promoting the importance of self-care, quality services and excellent customer service over the rush of "express shops". Please consider our unique service model prior to booking your appointment as our service procedures may require some additional time.

For the comfort and discretion of our clients, we serve clients by appointment only in private suites equipped with cable TV, zero gravity vibration massage chairs, complimentary WIFI and beverages. We proudly use single-use, disposable tool, eco-friendly water conserving basins with disposable liners, and dry heat autoclave to sterilize our metal implements for client and technician safety.

We work in limited spaces and suites can accommodate a guest, but we kindly ask that you do not bring children to the salon who are not being serviced for their safety and overall 

Each private service suite is occupied by a licensed and independent nail contractor. Each contractor operates as its own business, therefore policies, prices, services, products and procedures may differ. Each contractor sets their appointments and business hours. Although separate businesses, we are committed collectively to providing a professional experience. If you have any customer service concerns, please feel to contact Valenca Burch at 702-858-4398.

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